Tub Time

Your bathtub might just be full of water and soap, but not Josie & Jack!

Sometimes theirs is full of the Lost Kingdom of Atlantis. Sometimes its full of the deepest darkest uncharted jungles of Borneo. Once it was at King Arthurs round table. Then another time... somehow, it was crammed with all 67 moons of Jupiter and a couple of Saturns rings too! With all that stuff in there, it’s a wonder there’s any room left for bubbles!

And isn’t it amazing how the tub just seems to know what it is they’re most curious about when they get in? If they happen to be wondering whether pengiuns ever really eat fish can cannot fly, the minute they splash into the bath they’ll be riding the tub like a toboggan down snowy Antarcic slopes.

If they’re ever wondering whether Blackbeard actually had a black beard, you can bet as soon as their toes have touched the suds they’ll be sailing alongside the Queen Anne’s Revenge in their bathtub brigantine.

Josie and Jack love bath time. It’s because every bath time their tub takes them somewhere new, amazing and totally impossible. They don’t always know where, and they don’t always know what kind of crazy predicament they’ll get into and they really don’t know if once they’ve finished exploring the wildest corners of their imaginations if they’ll even have enough time to wash behind their ears. However they do know for sure its going to be fun!

Format: Animated adventure series for 4-7 year olds
Created by: Adam Mimnagh
Developed by: Huminah Huminah Animation
Written by: Doug Sinclair
Lead Art Director: Jeff Roach