Your project is unique and therefore for every show you bring to Huminah Huminah Animation we build a custom production pipeline tailored specifically to you’re projects needs.

Our in-house technology team is consistently building new proprietary toolsets, such as custom character rigging scripts and 3D game engine rendering tools to bring our clients the highest quality (4K), best looking shows while finding efficiencies in time, schedule and budget.

At up to 65 seats, our artists are traditionally trained bringing excellence to our deliverables. Our talented team include some of the most skilled and passionate 2D & 3D artists in the industry. Writers, designers, producers, directors, storyboard artists, modelers, riggers, layout artists, background painters, animators, FX artists, compositors, musicians, and editors are all here in the studio - a giant 1880’s big blue studio house.

Clients we’ve worked with: