Mildred's Motel

Mildred’s Motel is an animated comedy series starring a half-rodent half-woman who lives alone in a derelict Victorian fun-house turned motel.

Knock on her door and you’ll discover a deranged cross between Roger Rabbit and your Grandma on LSD. She’s the result of any number of lab experiments gone terribly wrong and she’s on a freaky mission to make friends.... by any means possible.

Half woman, half rodent all fun and games!

Mildred’s sole objective in life is to establish and maintain a relationship with another human being. Unfortunately, her notion of friendship is fundamentally dysfunctional, as she lacks the normal hardwiring and emotional capacity required for human bonding. To make things worse, she has spent her life in solitude and the lives of normal people are a complete mystery to her. So, she has turned her house into a roadside motel in hopes of attracting guests and meeting potential companions. She relies on trickery and deceit to lure unsuspecting travelers into the confines of her motel and forcible confinement to keep them there.

Guests to Mildred’s inn find themselves in a psychedelic Narnia on a steady drip of Nurse Ratched. There are trap doors, fun-house mirrors, and backwards ticking cuckoo clocks carefully adjusted by Mildred to induce a state of permanent delirium in their observers. Mildred loves to play and guests are guaranteed a round of hide-and-go-seek or perhaps a turn at musical chairs, but her favorite house game is tag.

‘And you’re it.’

Format: 10x22 Rated TV-14
Created by: Mairen Doyle
Developed by: Huminah Animation Originals Limited
Written by: Doug Sinclair
Art Director: Mairen Doyle