Chet & Slam

Welcome to your pre-teens... the best, coolest, most awesome time of your life, right? Yes! But also... NO! At age 12, you’re fighting fires on all fronts – peer group pressure, invasive social media, trying to forge a unique identity while trying desperately to fit in, the onslaught of puberty, weird mood swings, unrequited crushes and icky skin flares... YUCK!

And if you’re CHET, an overthinking worrywart with an invisibility complex, those pressures are dialled up to EXTREME! It’s at a time like this, you need a good, solid friend you can rely on to help navigate the chaos.

A friend like SLAM.

Slam is that friend with unshakable confidence, a noggin full of big ideas, a ceaseless spirit for adventure, and the tenacity to build a 50,000 seat football stadium out of ice lolly sticks and an old fridge. But most importantly, a BIG HEART and the unquenchable urge to solve every problem he hears about. If Chet has even the smallest of worries, Slam is all ears. Want a date for the junior prom but are too gutless to ask? Want to join the school football team, but get rejected thanks to your total lack of sporting talent? Want to grow epic sideburns for that killer school photo but have less facial fuzz than your kid brother? Slam is more than eager to help.

“I can fix that...!”

Format: 52x11 - Animated action absurd comedy for 6-11 year olds
Created by: Jason Hickman & Adam Mimnagh
Developed by: Huminah Huminah Animation
Written by: Timothy Bain
Lead Art Director: Jason Hickman