2D Toonboom Animators

Huminah Huminah Animation is passionate about producing inspired character-driven stories to screens world-wide. Our award winning, and internationally renowned studio based in Halifax Nova Scotia is looking for 2D Harmony Animators to join our team! A great opportunity for junior and senior animators alike. Come live in the safest place in Canada - Halifax, Nova Scotia!


Type: Full-Time, Fixed-Term Contract or indefinite.

VERY ATTRACTIVE Signing bonus offered to candidates willing to relocate from anywhere in Canada to Halifax.Start Date: October 15th, 2022


- To produce 30 seconds of approved 2D animation per week (quota)

– Utilizing the approved character & prop builds found within assigned scenes and create key poses according to the storyboard references provided. Animating all additional settles and follow-through needed to complete the scenes, along with finalizing the animation including clean-up and color.

– Working closely with the Animation Supervisor on assigned scenes, paying close attention to movement, action, character personalities, staging, timing, and appropriate acting choices.

– Incorporation of all notes from the Animation Supervisor, while working collaboratively with other animators under a strict schedule.


The ideal candidate will bring a strong understanding of traditional animation principles.

Demonstrating a commitment to delivering polished animation through firsthand experience with character acting and motion.

– Experience in 2D Character Animation for television, with a demo reel displaying the required skills.

– Basic knowledge of Toonboom Harmony, if you were trained in Flash no problem we can retrain you to use Toonboom.

– The ability to prioritize work.

– Problem solving skills

– A strong work ethic, and a self-motivated, milestone-driven individual

– Adaptability to different styles of animation

Job Types: Full-time Contract

Salary: competitive

Application Process

Please send an email at "jobs@hhanimation.com" and include your CV, portfolio and demo reel link with your application.

We thank all applicants for your interest, only those who qualify for an interview will be contacted.