Huminah - Tiny Racers

Tiny Racers - An Animated Comedy by Huminah Huminah Animation

Format: 52x5 minutes Comedy


Deep in the heart of Texas, lies a small region called Randall County. And inside Randal is a tiny little town called Happy. That’s right, its called Happy and this is where it all happens. Nestled in the sprawling “one stop sign” downtown, is the world headquarters of the Tiny Racer Motorsport League (TRML).

The newest team on the circuit is our hapless crew of throw-together “wannabees” and “never-weres”. They are called the Happy Valley Lightning and the only thing quicker than these guys is your grandmother in a shopping cart with a broken wheel. In fact, if the Mighty Ducks, at their worst, were a racing team, they’d still be far better than these guys. But this doesn’t stop our team.

We follow our racers over the course of one full season. Each episode begins and ends off the track, exploring the premise of the race and featuring fun interactions between our heroes and other characters, such as their ragtag pit crew; the corporate team owners; league officials; sponsors; fans; media; and especially their competitors, a revolving cast of silly bad guys with quirky personalities.

Of course, each episode features the actual race. Fast-paced, actionpacked and filled with four-wheeled slapstick, it’s underscored by the easily distracted announcer, “Quick” Nicholas HarrowsbyFord.

Revington and Morry Chasem, our racing duo may be short in stature and not that bright, but they have plenty of heart. Ford, Morry and their supporting crew actually improve over the course of the season from “complete disaster” to “slightly less” than complete disaster. But hey, it’s progress and with new technology, some lessons learned and a bit of good fortune they may turn out to be more than just a group of “Bad News Bears”.

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