Huminah - The Carny's

The Carny's - An Animated Comedy by Huminah Huminah Animation

Format: 52x11 minute comedy
Target: 6-11


My name is Stanley Carny, and I'm the ringmaster of the Carny Family Circus! What's a 12 year old kid doing running a circus you ask?

Well first of all I'm a Carny. The circus is in my blood our circus goes back generations, to my great great great great (add a few more greats) Grandpa Borstlava Carny, who started it all with just three juggling pins and one Romanian midget contortionist!

And second, ever since my dad disappeared under mysterious circumstances (more on that later), it's up to me to keep this show on the rails! Plus I have to keep it from falling into the wrong hands!

So... until dad gets back, it's up to me to keep Carny Circus going. Yeah... not much pressure but I can handle it. Not that things don't get totally out of control more than once in awhile, but that's what keeps things from getting boring. I love a commotion!

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